So many of us (typically women) place undo stress on ourselves to manage friendships that are better left to die. On numerous ocassions I’ve been told the reason one person tolerates another is because “we’ve been friends since we were embryos.” As noble as this may sound, I find the grounds to continue to be […]

The other day, I was perusing the profile of a Facebook Friend and he was rocking a tee that said “May Your Life Someday Be as Awesome as You Pretend It Is on Facebook.” I loved this for all that truth that it presents!  I used to look to Facebook for keeping up with old […]

The title speaks for itself. The topic came to mind after dinner with an esteemed colleague of mine. She was very well known within the organization for which we worked for, for doing excellent work, being a great organizer and knowing all things relevant. Over dinner, in unexpected tears, she described what I deemed to […]

Everyone has heard some variation of the expression “The grass appears greener on the other side.” This quote has application in all areas of life but it couldn’t be truer for relationships and marriages. Examples of this have played out before me time and time again. Only twice in my life have I ever said […]

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard or personally knew of a person in a relationship where a significant other is partaking in “extracurricular activities” and the other is unaware. What gets me is that ehhhhhhhhhhhhhverybody else seems to know but the person being wronged. The story circulates through common circles faster than a […]

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or blogs, I can’t help but notice that so many “naturalistas” are certifiable product junkies. When I was relaxed, I would say I was the same way … busy buying up the whole store in search of a moisturizer capable of combating my dry, sometimes brittle hair. Of course […]

What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you dating someone? Why aren’t you married? All this waiting, when will you have kids? These questions annoy me to no end! Many people, well at least those in my community, wish to be in meaningful relationships but are yet to meet that other half. None of them […]